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Why We love It Takes a Village

Chrissy A.

"Andrea is not only my doula but a friend. She was there and supported me every step of the way through my pregnancy. She’s my first doula and I couldn’t had asked for a better person to be my doula. She continues to check on me and my baby which by the way she absolutely ADORES her! Thank you for everything."

Joshua M.

"Andrea is one of the most compassionate, trustworthy and dependable people that could accompany you on your birthing journey. She is there when she says she will be and goes WAY above the call of duty. This was our second childbirth experience and she respected all or my wife's wishes (ensuring that the medical staff did the same). Most importantly, she helped to minimize the anxiety in the room and created a worry-free birthing environment."

P.S. - She also made sure that I had an opportunity to play a much larger role than I did in the birth of our first child.

Narahi P.

"Wouldn't have had my wonderful birth experience in the comfort of my own home without Andrea!!! Thank you for being part of my at-home birth and most importantly being the person you are. Truly God sent "

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