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Doula & Childbirth Services

It Takes a Village is dedicated to providing professional, reliable and compassionate birth doula care during pregnancy and the first stages of parenthood. We respect and serve all birthing preferences, and guarantee personalized support throughout your unique journey. Reach out today to learn more about our services and wonderful doula community. 


Parent Recommended






Joshua M.

"Andrea is one of the most compassionate, trustworthy and dependable people that could accompany you on your birthing journey. She is there when she says she will be and goes WAY above the call of duty. This was our second childbirth experience and she respected all or my wife's wishes (ensuring that the medical staff did the same). Most importantly, she helped to minimize the anxiety in the room and created a worry-free birthing environment."

P.S. - She also made sure that I had an opportunity to play a much larger role than I did in the birth of our first child.

Dawnyse M.

"Andrea was very knowledgeable and resourceful during my pregnancy. The preparation provided me with the confidence I needed for a successful birth experience. She was very thorough and covered everything. She was patient and supportive throughout the process. For my first pregnancy, this service was a must. Highly recommended."

Amesha D.

"Andrea was my distant doula and she never missed a beat! No matter how many questions I had, no matter how much I worried, she was there to keep me calm (even though this was my 4th child lol). She taught me so much about natural birth and thanks to her, I labored at home long enough to have my Kennedy 11 minutes after I made it to the free! Thank you so much for being there through it all."


" A woman, for as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth."