Latoya Rideau

Birth & Postpartum Doula + Postpartum Chef + Newborn Care Specialist

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My Story

I am Latoya “Madoula” Rideau;  Dallas Native, Birth & Postpartum Doula serving Dallas-Fort Worth area. I aid families in preparation for their envisioned birth experience by way of education, mental & mindful preparation, resources, practice, prayer & support. Alongside labor support, I babysit & love teaching and helping children to see their potential & value. I have shared many birth experiences with many families, all different, while also impactful in their own. I am a care provider who stands by intention, healing, togetherness & integrity. 

My goals are to help families through my doula work and every role I entail on my aspired journey to midwifery, to pay it forward to growing birth workers in my community, and to aid in the reduction of unnecessary & traumatic birth experiences. I love positivity & purposeful mindsets. I love people and all things that represent peace & humanitarianism. I am used and directed by a power greater than I but I embrace being part of a bigger force! 


Currently accepting clients for all services.